• Who's that cute Panda?

    My name is David, but mostly known on the internet as Darth, or sometime Panda. Why? Well, because I'm kinda weird and often dress as a panda when I go to music fest.

    As for who am I, just a French guy with a passion for art. I love it, be it creating art or discovering the creation of someone else. So what does it make of me... well, for the Tl;Dr fan, I write and draw stuff. For the one who wants to know more, here we go!

    I started drawing stuff when I was a kid and never stopped. Trying different style & technique and see what felt right for me, improving over the years. Unfortunately, making a living from that proved to be quite a tough task. (I'm still not sure why a dude who kicks a ball earn enough to feed a small country while I struggle, maybe karma, who knows...)
    As for the writing part, I started a bit after drawing, mostly to give story to the characters I created. Those few characters ended being up the heroes and villains of my own personal universe. I always hoped making books about them, but to be honest, I never really found the courage to really work on that, so it's still mostly lots of episodic stories linked together by places and names. But creative writing is not the only one I am interested in, indeed, in 2013, I started working as a music journalist, more precisely in the "Female fronted metal" genre where I was able to met fantastic people and go to amazing event. And I can assure you, telling to people you go to concert and go discuss with musicians as a living makes you feel good. (Unfortunatly, this didn't last as long as I would have hope)

    So what about now?
    Well it's pretty simple, I draw, write, design and take care of my cat, that's pretty much my days in a nutshell. I also stream on Twitch from time to time and help a few streamers grow their community by doing graphics, webdev and chat moderation.

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    Yoy can help me by just sharing my stuff around, spaming your friends, family and ennemies with it. The more people see what I do, the better.

    You wanna help me more? That's really nice of you, I'm not completely sure why you would want to do that, but hey, I'm not complaining.
    Don't hesitate to add a message with your name and a way to contact you so I can send you some love and thank you properly.

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