Hey Listen!

Hey, wondering what this website is all about? Well, to be honest me too, I just really enjoy the idea of having my own website therefor I made one. But hey, I'm a creative guy, so I Was able to put some interesting stuff in here. I'm not gonna list everything (or am I?) but you can find my old journalistic stuff from when I was in the music industry, some of my drawings (oh yeah, I'm an illustrator, so I do doodles and stuff for money), my creative writing (I always found that term kinda pompous but it also look kinda good so...).
There's also a "news" section which is mostly me rambling about my life, stuff happening in the world and where I'll post stuff that I don't know where to post.
Oh, there's also an about me page if you wanna know more about me (why would you want that?), contact me or find where I'm at on the web (you know, social media and stuff).